What Really An SEO Company Does?

What does an SEO company do

The importance and value of hiring SEO services

The world has changed drastically in the last decade. We are moving into a much more competitive and fast-paced world now. This means that we have to make each hour of the day count, but are now also tracking the minutes of each day to maintain our efficiency levels.

The level of competition has been increased tenfold in the digital era and this means that we have to go the extra mile just to be able to keep up with the competitors and maintain profitability.

What is SEO and what does it do for my business?

This is a very common question for people who are getting started with online marketing for their business. For starters, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and this basically means that your business is going to be ranked on the major search engine results in order to gain visibility.

Let’s take a look at a very simple example of this. Let’s say that you are looking for video game consoles online. You go to a popular search engine such as Google and you type “best video game console for 2018”.

Once you press enter, you will get a number of results that are listed on the page. These are the most popular results for the keywords that you typed on the engine. This means that the websites that showed up on the front page are the ones that have been working heavily on their SEO.

Paid versus organic

Before we go on any further, we need to make sure that people understand the difference between organic search results and sponsored or paid results.

If you search for any product, service or topic online, you will notice that the top 3 or 4 results are marked as sponsored. This means that the website owners paid Google to rank them at the top of the search results on those particular keywords.

Then you have the rest of the search results and they are going to show websites that haven’t paid Google to rank them high, but it’s very likely that they paid a marketing agency or hired a professional online marketer to help them rank their site by posting quality content and getting backlinks from high PR websites. This type of growth is called organic growth.

The truth is that many marketers believe that organic growth is much better because a large number of users don’t click on sponsored ads and they prefer to look for those at the top of the organic lists.

Not only is it better for your website to have value in the organic rank, but it will provide long-term profitable results.

What does an SEO company do?

Now that we have cleared the very basics of what SEO is and the two types of SEO results you can get, it’s important to consider the process of hiring an SEO company to help you achieve the results you want.

As we mentioned earlier, time is of the essence in modern times and you can’t expect to have the required time to handle your SEO efforts all by yourself. Your business needs to be running properly and you need to worry about proper management and performance.

An SEO company is going to take care of many important aspects of your business in terms of internet promotion. The first thing they will do is evaluate how good your current efforts are and how ready your site is for SEO to be implemented.

The following aspects of your online presence will be analyzed:

  • Security levels
  • Mobile friendly features
  • Loading times for each page
  • Optimal coding quality
  • Quality of content
  • Length of content
  • Social presence
  • Backlinks

These are very basic areas that need to be reviewed in order to determine what the next step is going to be. Once they are all checked the SEO Company should be able to provide optimization service in all of those areas and they will include the following:

Website structure analysis

This means that they will be looking for site errors, navigation issues, proper setup of analytics software for traffic metrics, safety measures taken for e-commerce purposes, sitemap implementation, metal element optimization, conversion rates, bounce rates and any other minor details that will need to be optimized before the next step in the process to create the best possible SEO campaign for any business.

It’s very important to understand that a website needs to be able to have an optimal structure before content is analyzed and new content is published.

There are many sites that have loads of content, but their poorly optimized structures have made their current content useless in terms of SEO.

Content analysis

Analyzing the existing content of a website will determine if new content can start to be created immediately or if the current content needs to be curated and optimized.

This includes checking for duplicate content, looking for missing pages, checking for poorly targeted keywords and reviewing how the content is ranking. This is a very complex process that goes much deeper than people think.

Keywords are the key

There are many important things are content analysis, but keywords are without a doubt the most important part of the process.

A website can lack optimal structures, tags and voice search compatibility, but it will still rank much better than a site with an optimized structure if their content has better keywords. A good SEO company is going to make sure that your keywords are ideal for your niche.

The keywords they choose to implement for your content are not only determined by search popularity, but also by the amount of competition that is found on those keywords.

Some keywords can be so competitive that SEO companies decide to target keywords that are not as popular, but the SEO results will be much better due to the smaller competition.

Off-page analysis

A large portion of the growth your website is able to see comes from what is happening all over the internet that somehow links back to that particular website.

For example, when you have a very good article and a blogger posts a link to your article, you will gain some SEO from that link. This is what is called a backlink and the more of those you have from high ranking sites, the easier it will be for you to rank your site higher.

Checking your reputation online is also going to be very important for SEO. When people create negative reviews about a website, they decrease the chances of having people visit that website.

A good SEO company is going to make sure that those reviews are dealt with by approaching the customer and seeing if there is a way to amend and correct their perception of that particular business.

How to choose the best SEO Company for your needs?

No what SEO services have become so popular all over the world, it makes perfect sense that there is a huge wave of new companies that are offering these services. With such an overload of options, it is to be expected that many of these companies are going to provide low quality services that are not going to help you.

There are certain things that you can do in order to find out which companies are worth considering and which ones should be completely eliminated from your list of options.

Look out for promises that make no sense

The first thing to consider is that many companies looking for a quick buck are going to make promises that are impossible to keep. If they start by saying they can help you climb the ranks overnight, this is the first sign that you are dealing with a company that is not going to help you at all.

The same goes for companies that promise to deliver a very specific number of backlinks and instant leads. These are usually going to be useless leads and also useless backlinks. You can see a large number of providers claiming to send thousands of targeted traffic hits to your website for a very low cost, when in reality they are sending bots or people who use traffic exchange networks. This means they will click on your site but they won’t be interested in the content and they will leave immediately after they click.

These types of traffic can easily be exposed when you check your website analytics and you see an incredible amount of bounce rates. This means that a visitor came into your site and left within three to five seconds.

There are many of these companies that will use varies Black Hat SEO tactics, Black Hat means that they are doing things that are misleading in order to trick you into thinking they are doing their job.

How to know if a company is worth hiring?

Search for feedback

Remember we said that a good SEO company is going to look after your reputation online? Well, you need to do the exact same thing with their reputation by searching for feedback from other customers on review sites, forums and even blogs or social media.

Finding no feedback and no opinions is not a good thing because this means the company is not very popular. There are some cases when a company is brand new and there is no way to find feedback, but this would mean you are taking a risk.

Look at their current online presence

If you stumble upon an SEO company that is only available on free platform like Facebook, you are probably dealing with a business that is not serious at all.

It makes no sense for a good SEO company to have no website and no significant online presence when their job is supposed to be to help you achieve the best possible online presence. If you find any company like this, get rid of them as an option and never look back.

What does a good SEO company provide?

A good provider of SEO services is going to help your business improve in the ranks, but this is going to take time and hard work. They will find the ideal keywords and they will generate valuable content that is going to make people want to keep coming back to check for updates.

They are also going to improve the quality of the traffic you get on your website. You could be getting a million visitors each month and seeing no sales at all and this would be very confusing, but the reason for this is that you hired an SEO service provider that is using Black hat strategies to generate useless non-targeted traffic for your website.

A good SEO company is going to send targeted traffic to your site and this means that even a hundred people a month could translate to a large number of conversions. This is going to be the key element to a successful SEO campaign.

If your site is not converting, they are not doing a good job, period. It takes time, but there are reasonable windows of time to wait for you to start seeing results.

Last but certainly not least, a good and competitive search engine optimization company is going to provide measurable results. This means that they can efficiently track and measure everything that is being done within your campaign and explain how and why it will help you get more conversions.

Ultimately, every business owner wants more sales and that is what the SEO company should provide. The way this is done is by climbing the organic search results and encouraging external links.

Final thoughts

There is much more to cover in terms of what a Search Engine Optimization company can do for you, but the important thing is that you learned the basics of what SEO is, what a good SEO company should be able to do and what you should avoid when you are looking to hire a company for this service to be implemented in your business.

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