Free Website Builders – Are They Really Worth It?

Free Website Builders - Are They Really Worth It?


You’ve probably heard a lot about free website builders lately.  There are commercials on television; ads on just about every website you visit—even huge signs on billboards and buses.  Free website builders are all the rage and with good reason.  If you’ve ever checked out how expensive it is to build a website, you already know that the costs are so high; many small business owners convince themselves that they don’t really need a website.

Of course, this is wrong, but are free website builders really the answer?  Can you really get the same quality and results with a free website builder and if so, why are website designers charging so much to build websites?  We have the answers below.

Are Free Website Builders Really Free?


So first things first—we’ve all seen things that are “free” and then find out that they’re not as free as we thought.  This is how many companies trick you into trying their services and then only providing you with enough to get started.  If you want to keep going or get the full package, you need to buy the product.  So, are free website builders really free?

Yes indeed, they are. You can build a functioning website 100% free of charge with any number of website builders.  Of course, some are going to be better than others and provide you with more free options and features, but that’s a topic for another article.

The bottom line is that you can get all of the tools you need to build a functioning website that will draw traffic to your business.  Now, some features you will have to pay for simply because they cost the free website builder company money to offer, but these are typically minimal costs and are 100% optional.  To build your standard, operating website, it is 100% free with a free website builder.


Is the Quality of Free Websites the Same as Paid Websites?


Okay, so if these sites are 100% free to build, what’s the catch?  Is the quality any worse than a paid site?  The answer to this is: it depends. If you’re going up against CNN or Time Magazine’s website where they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to their website team (which consists of a few hundred people), yes—a free website builder is subpar.  Of course, if you expect to go up against Time or CNN, you’re probably not being very realistic if you’re looking at free website builders.

But if you put your free website builder up against a similar sized company, chances are that your competition is using free website builders as well.  If they’re not, they are probably overpaying for some super slick graphics that are out of their league.  The bottom line is that you’ll have equal or just about equal quality on your free website as your competition—as long as you are realistic.  If your competition is multimillion dollar corporations, you might need to spring for a paid site.

Why are Websites so Expensive to build if I can do it for Free Myself?


So, the real question now becomes that if you can build websites for free and they have equal or almost equal quality to paid websites, why in the world are people charging (and others paying) so much for website design and development?  The answer to that is pretty obvious to any businessperson: because they can.

As long as the market remains uneducated about free website builders and how easy they are to use, there will always be people who just doubt their voracity without ever giving them a try.  Of course, there are also people out there that don’t want anything to do with a website and would rather just throw money at someone to take care of the problem.

The real reason that websites are so expensive is because people don’t know enough about them to challenge the costs.  Coding looks like a foreign language and the terminology sounds like one.  But that’s where free website builders change the game.

Are Free Website Builders Worth It?

Because the coding is already built-in to the free website builders, all you have to do is drag the elements you want to your website from a menu, fill in the blanks and launch your site.  This means that not only can you save money building your website; you can save money running it as well.  So are free website builders worth it?  Absolutely.

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